Every brand has a story, and ours comes from the heart.

Beyond Softness

We are a woman-owned, small family business and we have lovingly designed a soft milestone blanket with characters inspired by the imaginations of our little ones.

My name is Gaby. I’m a mother of two wonderful children, a wife, and the founder of Sumycotton, a brand that I started as a re-tailer for children’s clothes.

Our family lives in South Florida, and during the early years of our first son Sebastian, I worked alongside my husband at our industrial equipment and supply business.

After our second child, Bella, was born, my husband and I decided that I would work from home, managing our administrative duties while I also took care of and raised Bella and her older brother.

For the children’s clothing line, we developed several illustrated characters, based on the imagination of our little ones, who are our main source of inspiration.


We have included these characters in the design of our milestone blanket. Every little detail has been taken into account so that you can have a beautiful backgroud for the perfect photo.

We want you to make every moment of your baby’s growth precious so that you can treasure every photo, every day.

Our blanket is available at Amazon.