Giving a book to a child is giving a hundred minutes of mom. It is like a big hug. It is special shared moments with siblings, friends, and family.

Those moments shared at home, surely, someday will be refuge. They will be a place to return in the heart, in memory, to gather strength to face anything.

Reading as a family is much more than telling a story. It is creating the story. To create a story about our own family, of our routines, of our place.

Through Reading, we can talk about what is happening to our kids, without speaking directly until they are ready. It is about putting words to what they are feeling. This helps them prepare to tackle a topic that is difficult for them. It gives them time to accommodate both the mind and the heart. Stories ignite the imagination. Through reading, children engage their own creativity and develop their own imaginary world. Through reading and imagination, they learn how to solve real world problems by relating stories to their own lives.

The book is a silent alternative to a world of screens and strident stimuli. This silent alternative, proposes to them to be the creators of the characters, and the places. Accompanying them in the development of concentration, and tenacity. Reading helps them expand their vocabulary, and find words to understand each other.