Our Story

Every brand has a story, and ours comes from the heart.

A few years ago, our family was caught in a distressing situation: our 20-month old daughter was diagnosed with Atopic Dermatitis, or eczema. It’s a common form of eczema, but starting at childhood, it’s also severe and long-lasting.

The diagnosis was just the dawn of our journey. We learned to identify the triggers to her breakouts, which medications and treatments worked best, and what to avoid. In our constant search for the most natural approach to alleviate the flare-ups, we found a tremendously helpful solution: Pima cotton. 

There is a downside, however. Pima fabric and clothes are expensive, and children’s options are few. Seeing our daughter’s transformation when she used the fabric, we were compelled to start SUMYCOTTON to make her feel special, unique, and comforted by clothes that allowed her to play indoors and out, with colors and characters that reflect her own sunny personality. We were inspired to give other children the same freedom and comfort, in the hopes that we can bring Pima and relief to the many families who struggle with this condition.

SUMYCOTTON designs, manufactures and distributes a line of children’s t-shirts, PJs and blankets made of 100% Peruvian Pima cotton, to fulfill a dire market need for comfortable clothes suitable for children afflicted with eczema. We worked hard with our suppliers and designers to produce sustainable, affordable garments, so that everyone can enjoy the same comfort and freedom that Bella now does. The line, available through our website, www.sumycotton.com, features Bella and Sebastian, a brother-and-sister team that parades colorfully across our garments with Bella’s pet rabbit Henry, appealing to children and parents alike. Our garments will ship initially from the U.S. and Canada.